November 2015

Dear NAWLEE Members:

I am honored to be writing my first President’s Message as your new President! I had the chance to meet some of our new members as well as spend time with many others at our annual conference in Hartford this past August.

Before I share anything else, I want to recognize Chief Barbara O’Connor and her remarkable team at the University of Connecticut Police Department and other neighboring agencies for a great job of hosting us for our 20th Anniversary Conference. Congratulations and  thank you all for putting on such a wonderful event that has set the tone for NAWLEE, as we grow stronger and larger.

Thanks to all of you who joined us, and I encourage all of you to join us in 2016 as we experience all Indianapolis has to offer. Captain Valerie Cunningham and her team from the Indianapolis Police Department are planning another excellent conference with unique training opportunities, speakers and networking events.

As I mentioned in my remarks following the swearing-in ceremony  of our new Board members, I am extremely excited to lead NAWLEE following the very successful year with Chief O’Connor as our President.