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Responsible for the enforcement of all California State laws and University policies. Provide crime prevention by safeguarding University and personal property through motorized and foot patrol of assigned areas. Obtain evidence, apprehend violators, perform arrests and appear in courts as a witness. Enforce all posted University speed regulations using police radio patrol cars, respond to all radio calls or disturbances, assist in transporting the ill and injured as required. Investigate and make appropriate reports on accidents, property damage, fires, law violations and disturbances of the peace occurring on campus. The mission of the Sacramento State Police Department is to protect the life, property, and peace of mind of the students, faculty, staff, and visitors of this university.
Our greatest asset in furtherance of this mission is our Department members who work as a combined force in collaboration with the campus community. Our Department adheres to the highest standards of ethics, integrity, and service, understanding our collective responsibility in upholding the noble reputation of the law enforcement profession. Our highest objective is to provide an environment free of criminality where the future leaders of our society can learn and prosper.

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