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City of Newton

The International Association of Chiefs of Police is assisting the City of Newton in the search for the next Chief of Police for the Newton Police Department.

The Chief of Police serves as the Chief Executive Officer of the Newton Police Department. The Chief is expected during the next chapter of this strong Department’s history to fully embrace and ensure the implementation of its mission of improving the quality of life for all residents by delivering fair, just, respectful, safe and effective policing. In addition to holding direct responsibility for the administration and general conduct of all NPD community policing activities and holistic crime prevention initiatives, the department’s next Chief will assist the City of Newton and Mayor Fuller with community-driven programs and initiatives that support the full spectrum of needs of Newton’s residents.

The ideal candidate will be an adaptive leader committed to continuous improvement. The candidate will be capable of inspiring trust and confidence with people in all of Newton’s diverse villages, as well as earning the respect and confidence of both sworn and civilian employees.

The next Chief must foster a culture of self-examination and constant improvement within the Department. The Chief will be expected to have exceptional communication skills, and cultural sensitivity, in order to respond effectively to any and all concerns raised by an informed and engaged public.

In addition, the next Chief must be a reform-minded leader, able to rebuild trust and nurture legitimacy by actively seeking to improve continuously the policing model and embracing and advancing the principles of procedural justice. Moreover, the Chief will demonstrate a deep commitment to ensuring the department’s culture embraces a guardianship, rather than a warrior, mindset.

The chief shall be appointed to a term of five years, and subject to renewal at the end of that five-year period.


The Chief of Police is expected to strive to accomplish the following needs and expectations in the community:

  • Work in sync with Mayor Fuller to ensure fair, safe, and effective community policing and a police force deeply engaged with the community.
  • Focus on continued, deliberate, mission-driven improvement of the department with an eye toward not only preventing crime, solving problems, and enforcing the law but also building partnerships with and enhancing the quality of life for the city’s 88,000 residents, hundreds of businesses and other vested members of the community.
  • Recommend a clear and unified vision for the department to Mayor Fuller along with specific goals, objectives, and action plans designed for the overall success and continuous improvement of the organization in serving the public effectively in the changing environment of policing.
  • Be thoroughly committed not only to the profession and to the department, but to the entire community of Newton by ensuring the highest level of responsiveness, transparency, and accountability within the entire organization.
  • Have the ability and capacity to be adaptive and flexible, responsive to all concerns, accessible and approachable, transformational in leadership, and an ever-creative, astute problem-solver.
  • Hold herself/himself/themselves and others to the values of integrity, transparency, proactivity, innovation, equity, accountability, compassion, excellence, and responsiveness.
  • Develop and maintain effective working relationships with the City Council, heads of other city departments, representatives of outside agencies, and the public.
  • Have extensive knowledge of complex urban-suburban environments and a deep commitment to equitably serving and working with all spectrums of multi-racial, multicultural, and socioeconomically diverse communities.
  • Possess a relentless commitment to training and professional standards. The candidate should place emphasis on implicit bias training, procedural justice, restorative justice, de-escalation pertaining to use of force options and police legitimacy.
  • Promote de-escalation and disengagement tactics in conformance with the recent passing of Police Reform Legislation in Massachusetts.
  • Be transparent and accountable by developing a platform (e.g., updated website tab, annual report) that communicates such information as the statistical use of force data, stops, searches and arrests, and internal complaint findings by designated classifications.
  • Develop and maintain a robust communications platform for reaching out to and informing the public, city government partners, and the news media in a timely and transparent manner regarding all issues of immediate concern.


Key characteristics and competencies shall include but are not limited to the following:

  • Comprehensive knowledge of the principles, practices, methods, and equipment employed in fair, just, respectful, safe, and effective policing.
  • Demonstrated ability to build and sustain positive external community relationships and internal relationships within the department and across City departments.
  • Skilled at building on previous successes, while being forward-thinking, driving for improvement, creating organizational change, and creating a positive culture that embraces best practices and policies in policing, including the role of police in areas such as mental and behavioral health crisis responses.
  • Ability to lead, supervise, develop, listen to, and effectively support a diverse workforce.
  • Ability to maintain and enhance officer and staff morale, health, well-being, and safety.
  • Ability to work closely with the two labor unions and to manage effectively these important workplace relationships and the legal implications and duties that are imposed by Massachusetts General Laws Chapter 150e.
  • Deep understanding of robust internal and external accountability systems for department members.
  • Keen understanding of diversity, equity, and inclusion, and bias-free policing and how it relates to every facet of the department, including hiring, training, and promoting as well as practices, policies, procedures, decisions, conduct, and assignment allocations of the Newton Police Department.
  • Demonstrated ability as an inclusive, collaborative leader who works well with people throughout the community, including people of color, youth, people with disabilities, older residents, and people with mental health or substance use issues.
  • Strong understanding of and experience with innovative technology, analytically based decision-making, and collecting, using, and sharing data and information.
  • Excellent communications skills, including the ability to speak effectively to a wide range of people and groups, to write well, and to engage as an active listener.
  • Exceptional customer service, negotiation, and conflict resolution skills.
  • Knowledge of budget development, grant administration, and allocation of personnel resources and equipment.
  • Demonstrated ability to manage limited resources productively and in an effective and efficient manner that optimizes customer satisfaction.


Minimum: Bachelor’s degree, preferably in management, criminal justice, or related field from an accredited college or university. A minimum of fifteen (15) years of experience in the police profession as a sworn officer, with at least eight (8) years at the command level (Lieutenant, Captain, Deputy Chief, or Chief) or management position at a medium to large size police department (approximately greater than or equal to 75 sworn officers and serving a population of 40,000 or more).

Preferred: Master’s degree and or demonstration of continued professional development such as graduation from a nationally recognized police management program, such as the FBI National Academy in Quantico, VA, Southern Police Institute, Northwestern University School of Police Staff and Command, PERF’s Senior Management Institute for Police (SMIP), Harvard University’s Senior Executives for State and Local Government Program, or a comparable advanced police management training program.

Licenses: Possession of a valid motor vehicle operator’s license. Possession of (or ability to possess) a Massachusetts License to Carry a Firearm; training and qualification in the use of firearms.

Certification: Certification as a full-time officer in accordance with the Municipal Police Training Committee (MPTC).

Residency: The Chief shall reside within fifteen (15) miles of the Newton city limits.

Special Requirements: Ability to pass physical, physical agility, and psychological exams and a comprehensive background check.


Please submit resume and letter of interest via email to NewtonMAChief@theIACP.org. Please include “Newton Executive Search” in the subject line. Deadline to apply is February 5, 2021.