Awards/Scholarship Committee

Chief Susan Rockett, Chair

Mexico Missouri Public Safety


Board Liasion

First  Sergeant Sherri Heichelbech, Associate Member-at-Large

Indiana State Police


The awards committee is responsible for presenting and promoting scholarship and awards information to members for nominations. The committee then reviews all submitted applications for presentation and recommendation to the board of directors. The awards committee may also develop new awards and scholarship opportunities to be implemented with board approval.


Membership Committee

Committee Chair: OPEN


Commander Paula Balafas,  President

University of Colorado


The membership committee is responsible for solicitation of new members, planning membership drives, identifying and implementing member services, motivating member involvement, maintaining membership categories and developing any other member services as needed.                                         


Mentoring Committee




Board Liaison


Deputy Chief Shannon Trump, 2nd Vice President, Chair and Board Liaison

Noblesville Police Department, Indiana


The mentoring committee is responsible for developing and maintaining the NAWLEE mentoring program, as well as reviewing and revising the mentoring program based on best practices and current research.


Training Committee

Committee Chair: OPEN


Board Liaison


The training committee is responsible for developing training for the membership and directing members towards existing training opportunities to further their professional development. This committee seeks law enforcement experts that can author training articles for newsletter publication.