National Association of Women Law Enforcement Executives (NAWLEE) Policy on Endorsement of Candidates 

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  1. Candidates for executive office in other law enforcement associations who seek endorsement of their candidacy from NAWLEE must comply with this policy and the requirements set forth at the official NAWLEE website.  All conditions must be complied with by email no later than April 1st in the year of candidacy.  
  2.  If a candidate fails to comply with the conditions of the aforementioned policy and website, submits an incomplete response, or does not meet the specified deadlines, NAWLEE will not consider that candidate for endorsement.
  3. The Executive Board of NAWLEE will review the responses of candidates and evaluate each candidate’s qualifications.  
  4.  In its review of candidates, NAWLEE will primarily focus on the candidate’s demonstrated commitment to the Vision, Mission, and Values of NAWLEE.  
  5.  Each candidate will be notified of the Executive Board’s decision no later than June 1st.  Notice will be delivered by e-mail from the NAWLEE Executive Director.
  6.  After candidates have been notified, each candidate’s responses to the questionnaire will be posted on the NAWLEE website after the candidate has been notified.  
  7.  If a candidate wants to address general membership at NAWLEE’s Annual Training Conference, the candidate must submit a written request to the NAWLEE Executive Director as soon as possible and at least 30 days prior to the conference.  The Executive Director will notify the Conference Host and Executive Board he request.  The Conference Host will accommodate the request if possible.
  8. NAWLEE does not endorse candidates for public office.

The NAWLEE Board reserves the right to endorse any, all, or none of the candidates under consideration. The decisions of the Board concerning endorsements are final.